Battistero – beautiful Italian Christmas panettone

Battistero – beautiful Italian Christmas panettone

We’ve now received our Christmas range of beautiful Italian chocolate panettone from Battistero.

These were the most popular Christmas gifts last year, as much for the unique designs of the tins as for the cakes themselves!


The name Battistero is Italian for baptistry and this year is the fiftieth anniversary for the company of the same name from Parma.

Parma of course is famous for many things, including its world-renowned parmeggiano reggiano cheese and prosciutto di Parma ham.

Less well-known than these staples of Italian food life, but no less impressive, is the architecture of Parma’s very own Baptistery.

If you’ve never been then take a look at the stunning, interactive 360° view available to us all on the web.

Simply amazing!

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