Olive Magazine Feature – August 2008

Olive Magazine Feature – August 2008

Thank you to Tony Naylor and the rest of the team from Olive Magazine for my inclusion in this month’s Italian special edition!

Apparently a number of people there are followers of the blog and a few months back I was contacted and asked to be one of their ‘experts’ for this special edition.

I was asked to recommend one of the places in the southwest where you can buy the best mozzarella, and I chose Murrays Delicatessen/Restaurant in Clevedon.

Tony especially wanted to know how to tell the different types of mozzarella apart, so I explained that mozzarella di bufala is a saltier, more interesting cheese that is flavoursome yet delicate, while cow’s mozzarella, known in Italy as fior di latte, is normally sweeter and firmer.

My own personal favourite, however, has to be the heavenly burrata from the deep south, with its buttery, creamy texture (its name means literally, ‘buttered’) that is just perfect for a summer evening’s antipasto.

I’m sorry that I’ve not had much time to update the blog recently but look out for for more photos and recipes in the near future!

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