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Del Sole was the name of a cafe/deli I used to run in my hometown of Bath, UK.

After opening in March 2006, the shop was transferred to new owners in March 2009 and continues to operate under new ownership today.

The idea behind Del Sole was to create the home of freshly-prepared, authentic Italian food. A place where the aroma, flavour and appearance of real Italian food was unmistakable and once tried, never forgotten.

The philosophy was simple. We produced and sold real Italian food, including many of the specialities of Bologna and the Emilia-Romagna region, without unnecessary additives and using local and organic ingredients wherever possible.

Del Sole interior - redesigned October 2008

Del Sole interior – redesigned October 2008

Inspired by the legendary ‘Tamburini’, Bologna’s most famous and prestigious delicatessen, The Del Sole ‘cafe’ had a light, bright and welcoming atmosphere immediately as you walked in thanks to a large opening that lead the eye all the way through to the hive of activity in the stainless steel kitchen.

Del Sole interior- redesigned October 2008

Del Sole interior- redesigned October 2008

Behind the brazilian-marble counter, the Faema coffee machine was normally busy making cup of Illy espresso and cappuccino for our customers, who often then liked to sit at the front of the shop and watch the busy world go by along Moorland Road!

Although the Del Sole cafe is no longer, it is my dream and passion to continue to share the recipes and inspiration that continues to motivate my love of creating delicious, beautiful recipes of all types.


Licia Accorsi


  1. mr c mancini says

    do you sell luganega sausages ?
    many thanks

  2. Licia Accorsi says

    Hi – thanks for your question. We currently have fennel-seed only in stock but we may be able to pick up some luganega sausages in September. We’re planning to put more details of our deli stock on this site in the future so do watch out for updates. Regards Licia

  3. Hey Licia
    We are probably going to be in Bath on Weds 19th September and we are going to try and pop in you deli to see you. My mum is salivating over your pictures already. Will you be there?

  4. Hi Sam
    Nice to hear from you. I’ll certainly be here on 19th and it would be lovely to meet you both!

  5. Hi
    stumbled on your site really nicely put together

  6. Hey,
    I’m so excited about living close to the deli this semester, can’t wait to try some of your wonderful cakes and salads!

  7. Hi, I walked past your shop in Moorland Road 3 weeks ago and saw that you had “staff require” written in the window so I gave in my CV. I walked past it again today and realised that it was still there so I was wondering if you could tell me the hours available and perhaps i’ll have to hand in another CV because it may not have got to the manager. I’m a 16 year old girl and i’m currently looking for weekend work.

    Please get back to me as I would really like to work here.

    Many thanks,

    Laura Taylor.

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